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World Connections

Word of Life is privileged to be friends with many people across the world who are living their lives as God has intended for them. Many live in other countries that are not as blessed as we are, where daily life, is a struggle, and others live here in Tuolumne County. We will strive to offer specials at ZOE to bring a little extra support to these amazing people and their ministries. Be sure to watch for these opportunities!

We'd love to share some of their stories with you:

HAITI an island that lies less than 700 miles from America's Gulf Coast and where the people continue to suffer daily. Whether it is from the effects of hurricanes, earthquakes or extreme poverty, this nation is in need of great help. We are privileged to partner with two ministries that work in this impoverished island and care for these beautiful, resilient people.

RHEMA International Bocozelle, Haiti provides medical care for the residents of the Artibonite Valley, and also has a Maternity Hospital to help moms have healthy babies. Since the hospital has opened, they have not lost one baby or mother in child-bearing.

Fishers of Men Port-au-Prince, Haiti has a strong presence of God-loving people in the heart of Haiti's capital city at Rock Church. Not only do they house over 7000 members in their church, they provide meals for men, women and over 3000 children in their 17 church/schools in the out-lying communities. They also educate Haitian children at their private school Morning Star Christian Academy.

INDIA another impoverished nation that lies across the seas, far from our eyes. We partner with Iris India as they help women and children that would normally be cast aside in their society. They train untouchable tribe kids, widows, and orphans, along with establishing Rescue Homes for Trafficked kids .......all over India. They are changing their world one hug at a time! For more information, please visit -

AFRICA In Pemba, Mozambique, Dawn Wilk, a Tuolumne County RN, born and raised at Word of Life Fellowship, serves with IRIS Ministries She is in charge of the Meize Milk Clinic that provides milk for babies whose mothers cannot feed them due to AIDS or malnutrition. Dawn also travels to the Bush-bush and several clinics to help provide medical care for some of the world's poorest people. For more information, please visit


ILE - International Leadership Embassy under Hope Taylor's direction, believes America can have a better future and tirelessly pursues this through national prayer focused conference calls, speaking engagements to groups and writing educational materials. ILE's mandate is to educate, engage and empower the Church with a Biblical worldview while implementing strategies to transform America and the nations, particularly within the civil government.

TUOLUMNE COUNTY We have many friends and neighbors that reach out to our local community to provide food, clothing, love and friendship to those who are in need of a helping hand.. Some of these great people include Interfaith, AATCA, Lighthouse Ministries, and Foothill Pregnancy Center.

We have many other friends, near and abroad, who are doing just what Jesus commanded us to do: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' We will bring a taste of their world to you throughout the weeks and months that lie ahead be sure to come and share LIFE with them as you share LIFE with us!